Alternative Cancer Treatment

Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment Combined with Low Dose Radiation.

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Proven to have dramatically less or close to no long lasting side-effects.


Heated applicator is gently applied to the area being treated.


Hyperyhermia is Internationally recognized as the fourth modality in cancer treatment

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Bicher Cancer Institute is one of the largest hyperthermia cancer treatment centers in the United States, capable of treating up to 60 patients a day. Under the tutalige of, Dr. James I. BIcher, the "God Father" of hyperthermia with over 5 decades of experience and knowledge. 

Clinical & Scientifically PROVEN

Hyperthermia is a FDA approved heat cancer treatment in combination with low-dose radiation (IMRT), applied to tumors, raising tumor temperature to about 42.5ºC (108ºF) for about 45 to 60 minutes. Heat improves blood circulation and makes tumor cells more susceptible to the low-dose- radiation therapy, killing them more efficiently and quickly. Hyperthermia can be compared with an artificial fever that attacks cancer cells.

“To fight cancer with heat is not a secret, but an un-touched weapon that holds promise if we can truely unlock the full potential of this modality."


Dr. James Bicher

Dr. James I. Bicher

Founder & CEO, Bicher Cancer Institute

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